The Hungry Night

Rafael Balanzá

Siruela 2011

The Hungry Night begins with an interrogation that immerses us in a strange atmosphere, one of a world troubled by guilt. The protagonist has confessed to the police that he has killed his wife, but his story is so incredible and his behavior so strange that they decide to put him in the hands of a medical team. The perplexity triggers off when the protagonist reveals who has been his accomplice in the crime. The enormous weight of a terrible past, a degraded present and the loneliness that surrounds  him  transforms the story into something similar to the descent to the ocean abyss.

 A thriller with a maddening pace, disturbing characters and an ending that won’t leave the reader indifferent.

«Balanzá becomes part of the elite of Spanish writers of his generation, since the originality and sharpness that displays both in the invention of arguments as in the literary development of it are overwhelming».

Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Abc



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Rafael Balanzá