Mario Escobar
Edhasa 2023

One of the Spanish authors that is more read in the United States and translated into fourteen other languages.

This impeccably researched narrative tells the incredible story of a woman determined to bring the truth to light. A novel based on true events that recovers one of the most moving testimonies of humanity and altruism.

This is the exciting story of a woman, Valérie Porteret, who discovered the names of one hundred and eight children in a forgotten file and dedicated the rest of her life to giving them back their identity.

A young woman determined to show the truth.

Lyon, 1992. A student has to face a country and a university that want to turn the page and leave the past behind, but the discovery of an old box with the files of some Jewish children, whose whereabouts have been unknown since the summer of 1942, encourages her to investigate the past of her city and rescue a handful of anonymous heroes from oblivion.

A group of ordinary people willing to risk everything.

Lyon, 1942. The Nazis have approved the "final solution" and the massive deportations of hundreds of thousands of Jews from the occupied countries, including France, begin. Klaus Barbie, a cruel SS official, has been ordered to expel all the Jews from the region, but a group of men and women will try, in a devilish race against time, to save the little ones before it is too late. .

More than a hundred lost children to give back their lives.

While a poster with the motto "You will not take the children" runs through the streets of Lyon, several members of humanitarian associations are looking for a way to save all those under the age of sixteen from the German concentration camps. A people united to safeguard their dignity and thus demonstrate to the world that, even in its darkest hours, good can defeat evil.



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Mario Escobar