El cirujano de almas

Luis Zueco

Ediciones B 2021

An impressive historical fresco that allows us to witness the birth of medicine as we know it today and that becomes a tribute to health workers.

Barcelona, ​​1776. Bruno is a young apprentice with a gift for surgery and a great desire of knowing the human body and relieve the pain of the sick. Driven by his thirst for knowledge, he traveled to the most exciting conflicts in Europe to work as a surgeon until he ended up in Madrid, where he was denied admission to the College of Physicians due to his humble origins, at a time when doctors wanted to maintain their privileges and differentiate themselves from surgeons, whom they consider to be nothing more than butchers. His vocation will take him to live an adventure full of travel, wars and love.

With the impeccable historical rigor that characterizes his novels and a plot that gets you from the first page, Luis Zueco manages to capture the moment in which an era changes and the most important discipline of the modern era  is founded: medicine.




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Luis Zueco