Carlos Lens Cabrera

Obras Recomendadas

  • Las Monedas de Judas

    A story about passion in two different generations, divided by two wars.

    Spain,  1974. A descendant from Jürgen Lutz, a German engineer that emigrated to Rías Bajas, in the Northwest of Spain, during the XIX century, Eugenio Lutz, submerge himself in his family history after the death of a relative.

    When he reads some documents, he discovers that the Spanish Lutz family, is indebted with a relative from Nuremberg that joined the SS and is accused of war crimes. Eugenio, together with his sister Nucha, decides to investigate because of a shared feeling that Lothar Lutz profile does not match with that of a serial killer, so they start a quest that will led them across Europe and Israel.

    Traveling with an American soldier and followed by rival organizations, the Lutz siblings run an unknown journey filled with obstacles in search of the truth about Obersturmbannführer Lutz, a Borodino´s heroe, destined in Auschwitz and dead in the Budapest battle.

    Lothar Lutz diaries, the identification of people that knew the SS and the patient gathering of data provide amazing information to the siblings. The quest of Eugenio and Nucha runs through a period when Spain is under the agonizing dictatorship of Franco and Europe is caught on the contradictions and fights of the two main political groups of the Cold War.

    A story about passions that sprout uncontrolled in two different generations, divided by the tragedy of two wars, but with intimately entwined interests.


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