The sumptuous funeral of the Spanish playwriter and poet Lope de Vega is taking place in the city of Madrid. The most prolific author in the Spanish Golden Century Baroque literature is dead, and his grave has become a holy place for pilgrims.




One of his disciples decides to publish a literary anthology in his master’s honor in collaboration with the poets who had great admiration for him. However, when the work comes out, the names of three unknown female poets cause a sensation among the people: the Portuguese senhora Elisa, the French madame Argenis and the Italian madonna Fenice. The citizens from Madrid, who always followed the playwriter’s love affairs to the last detail, start speculating about these mysterious ladies.




This anthology takes the reader back to Lope’s youth, when he was a Don Juan and his literary genius and talent were becoming apparent. One of these days, the handsome heartbreaker meets a woman from Florencia visiting Spain. For the first time in his life, Lope de Vega falls in love with the madonna. Her husband is involved in the trade of dyes and acts in complicity with a group of the Spanish Court. But the requited love between Lope and the Italian lady, who would become madonna Fenice, will last, intermittently, through time and distance.


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