Carlos Mundy

Obras Recomendadas

  • The Toucan Lodge
  • Martínez Roca

    A spiritual fiction where the readers will take part in the philosophy of non violence through several magical and extraordinary characters like The Rainbow Warrior, The Venerable Rodney and the Queen Malik of Hadastan.



    Basil, a fifteen-year-old boy from New York and Carola, a thirteen-year-old girl from Madrid, are drawn through their computer screens to find themselves on the planet of Plutonio. All nations on this planet used to live in peace and harmony, with The Rainbow Warrior - spiritual and temporal leader of the Kuyichis and an immortal being as well as being the head of a spiritual movement called the Light - being the spiritual heart of the planet. However, the arrival of two other earthlings - Daimon and Burba -on the planet years before sowed the seeds of discord and misery. Daimon is founder of Darkness, and Burba is president of Fairystan, a once idyllic Queendom of the Fairies, but now a soulless dictatorship. The task of Basil and Carola is to help the Fairistany resistance re-establish the happiness that once existed on Plutonio.

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