The Curse of the wise King
  The last years of the life of a king who aspired to the imperial crown. A king who tryed to embrace all the knowledge of his time and to trasmit it to the posterity. An unforgetable king.



1281. Alfonso X arrived to Sevilla to prepare the capaign against the kingdom of Granada. There, he is informed about the revolt of his son Sancho who is supported by the greater part of the nobility of the king.
But things can go even worse: at the scriptorium —where many of the wisest men of the epoch are reunited to write, under the supervision of the king, several literary, historical, scientific, and entertaining works—, The Book of the Chess, the Dice, and the Boards, a manuscript of incalculable value, has disappeared.
The anger of Alfonso bursts. The ones who thought he was old, weak and incapable were wrong; they must face the king and suffer the consequences...       
The princes, the nobility, the miniaturists, the men who write chronicles and make copies, the astrologers... all of them are the characters of this historical novel that blend politics and intrigue, and in which an ancient Arabian book of chess becomes the outburst of a plot of robberies, murders, and treacheries.
It is also a curse story: the curse which the king pronounced against his own son.
And the story of a terrible prophecy about his destiny: the one which a visionary transmited to beg him to repent of his sin of haughtiness.
And a love story: the corteous love of poets and troubadours; dangerous and hard love that, as Ibn Hazn wrote at 11th century, is «an irresistible atraction which takes possession of the soul and which only disappeares with the death».      

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