Nobody is Perfect
Many defects don´t have to be eradicated. The same happens with coins, each imperfection has two sides: the obverse – that which is considered as negative, hateful and undesirable – and the reverse – which contains the positive aspects related to the personality, making the person more creative and getting the best out of them….But, what do we mean when we talk about defects?
In this book, you will discover original answers to questions like:
·         Could gossip be healthier than remaining silent?
·         Could infidelity keep the couple closer?
·         Could envy be useful for more than keeping your mind busy?
·         Could slowness be more efficient than speed?
·         Could pessimism be more useless than optimism?
·         Could hypocrisy be more necessary than sincerity?
·         Could selfishness become a virtue?

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