Yo no he sido

Did you ever spend a whole day without making up any excuses or justifying a mistake you made? Who has never apologized by saying something as naive as “everybody does” or “I didn’t have time”? Or something as rationalist as “I’m a good driver, they are the ones who drive like crazy”? Or something as esoteric as “I had bad luck” or “It was my fate”?

In this new updated edition, Francisco Gavilán explains how the human being has a tendency to invent any kind of excuses, apologies, and justifications in order to neutralize situations that compromise him. This strategy allows us to get out of a tight spot, protect our self-esteem and reduce anxiety levels that can result in frustration. One thing is for sure: excuses make our life easier to bear, but living with such an exculpatory deceit could lead to very negative consequences. The justifications we use provide great insights into ourselves and the others.

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