Violín Negro en Orquesta Roja

Winner of Premio Ateneo de Valladolid 2014

In 1936, during the soviet repression against Ucrania that led to the Holodomor (the death by starvation of almost three million of ucranians) the nephew of Molotov, right-hand man of Stalin, is kidnapped.

Molotov suspects of a political movement that wants to demolish him, and due to his distrust on the state´s information service, he looks for a zarist ex-commissar that is imprisoned in the Gulag and asks him to investigate the case . The old and tired commissar Lukhin has to confront the profound roots of power and terror.

Who is behind the kidnapping of Molotov´s nephew who was just going to the war of Spain to organize the Popular Army? Has it been a maneuver of the German Nazis who also want to implicate themselves in the Spanish civil war? Or is it a complot in the Soviet Union?

Moscu, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Prague…These are the settings of an intriguing novel that shows one of Europe´s most dark history. And over them, the tired look of the commissar Lukhin, in search of the strengths and loyalties needed to go ahead. Or,  at least,  to stay alive.

Red Violin in Red Orquestra is at the same time an historical novel and an intriguing thriller, following the old tradition of spy novels.

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