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After having a serious accident, Lothar can’t sleep anymore. He is afraid that, if he loses consciousness, the fears suffered while being in coma might return. To him, dream means destruction and he knows the only way to lose the fear of death: to be his friend, his mate and confidant.




It’s the year of the catastrophe: 1923. The dollar has been equivalent to 4 trillion marks; wages are paid three times a day so that the money doesn’t lose its value, and more than one million German people has starved and freezed to death. The communists clash with the nazis on the streets. The first ones are looking for a revolution similar to the Russian revolution of 1917; the second ones are calling for a national revolution that trows their country off the yoke of Versailles.




Despite the continual plundering and fires, captain Müller, who is new in the position, has enough time to chase the serial murderer his predecessor couldn’t catch. It’s a man nobody sees nor notices: The Gray.


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