The Thorn of the Poppy


An amazing blend of a thriller and a historical novel. In Münich, the new Comissar for political affairs, Müller, has just arrested the Nazi leader, Hitler, after his attempt of coup d’état and the robbery of some billions of marks at the Bank of Germany. With the Nazis under control and the comunists scared due their last defeats at the streets, it seems that Müller can breathe untroubled. But two important persons are found murdered: Strahler –the mayor’s secretary– and Seidi, the prosecutor.  

After the failure of his attempt of coup d’etat in 1923, Hitler is arrested and imprisoned. The Nazi Party, without its charismatic leader, choose a new leadership much closer to the democratic ideas, that, mixed with the bankruptcy of its accounts, leaves the party on the verge of extinction or the rupture. It’s that moment when, at the height of the economic recovery  after the catastrophe of the first world war, the traffic of drugs becomes forbiden. Many people, of very diverse signs, sees in this prohibition the chance to get rich quikly. The commissar Müller will try to avoid it, knowing fairly well that nothing can stop the greed. It is the age of the dry law and the Mafia empire in United States. The time of Mussolini in Italy. The epoch called, with no reason, “happy twenties”. 

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