Javier Pérez


Javier Pérez, writter and journalist, collaborates with different media from twenty five years ago. Although he develops all of the literary sorts he has been particularly successfull in thrillers. His first novel, La crín de Damocles, won the Azorin Award in 2006. In 2012 he won the Ciudad de Badajoz Fiction Award with El Secuestro del Candidato. In 2014 he has won the prestigious Ateneo de Valladolid Award and the Gabriel Aresti Award for short stories.

Obras Recomendadas:
The Mane of DamoclesThe Thorn of the PoppyTHE GRAYEl Secuestro del CandidatoViolín Negro en Orquesta RojaLLARA. La Maldición de las águilas


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