Mum has died
Atanor Ediciones
Aurelio had a bizarre relationship with her mother, a woman who felt an obsessive and neurotic love for her son. This feeling conditioned his whole life. When his sister tells him “Mamma has died”, something collapses in Aurelio’s soul. These words are both painful and liberating for him. He suffers from a distressing crisis; he feels that the life he has been living until now is not his real life and thinks that, somewhere else, a real existence with another woman and other friends is awaiting him. In order to achieve his goal, Aurelio must travel to the north, to the land of ice. He has to break up with everything that surrounds him, with his current identity, and embark on a fantastic journey through the darkness of his soul, going along the edge of crime and madness.

This journey will also become an inner monologue in which Aurelio goes beyond Good and Evil. He will tell himself everything he never dared to say and he will do some things he never thought he would do.


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