Javier Otaola


He is a lawyer, a writer and was Grand Master of the Symbolic Logia of Spain for some years. Now he works for the Basque Government as Defensor of the Citizens of the city of Vitoria.


he has written several essays:  La Metáfora masónica. Razón y Sentido (The Masonic Metaphor. Reason and Sense) (Hiria 1999), Laicidad, una estrategia para la libertad (Laicity, an strategy for liberty)(Bellaterra 2000), En el Umbral de la logia (In the Logia's threshold)(Tres Puntos 2003).


He has also written the thriller Brocheta de Carne (Hiria, 2003), first one in a trilogy that has a lesbian investigator as the main character.

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