It is said that the forgotten traces of the poet Rimbaud are on the sands of Yemen. Olga, a university researcher, embarks on a journey –and a escape- to the uninhabited dunes in search of  the lost diaries of the  indomitable Frenchman.
A mysterious and cultivated guide and the desolate scenery of those lands will shape Olga’s feminine gaze, and she will feel a growing fascination for Asha, the poet’s lover during these days.
Pilar Salamanca –whose novel La Isla Movil (published by Bassarai) amazed everybody- shows the story of a pursuit, the ashes of someone on the run and the shadow of poetry within the framework of  bleak nights and dusty places.

Why did a visionary poet had deals of armament traffic? why is this woman following his trail after one century and a half? Crater is a reflection on the destinies of a man and a woman when everything they have learned turns insignificant

This book won the 2008 Miguel Delibes Award for Fiction.

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