Ediciones B


A novel of intrigue between the walls of one of the most impressive medieval monasteries of Spain.

Following the success of EL CASTILLO (Ediciones B, 2015) with twelve editions until so far (21.000 copies sold in trade edition plus 14000 in club edition) and LA CIUDAD with 10.000 copies sold,  Luis Zueco continues with his epic medieval trilogy with a fast paced historic thriller, EL MONASTERIO.


Luis Zueco is one of the Spanish authors with more best seller potential of the moment. Great story teller, great creator of intriguing plots and accessible for all publics. Excellent communicator. Pure escape entertaining fiction, with which you can enjoy learning.


For the readers of The girl on the trainfor its addiction to the plot, The pillars of the earthfor its magnificent setting, and The hunger gamesfor the psychological dilemma in which the characters come across.


The Monastery of Santa María de Veruela, the first foundation of the Císter in the Kingdom of Aragon, was built on a unique mountain of more than two thousand meters over the river Ebro: the Moncayo. This exciting thriller takes place between its walls, which housed much more than a church and a cloister. It was a real city where weapons, tools, clothes, footwear and wine were produced, land was ploughed, animals were raised and mines exploited. The monastery soughted to be a celestial city, but men lived in it. And with them, the ambition of power, envy, thirst for revenge, love, sex, betrayal ... And murders.

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