Following the success of EL CASTILLO (Ediciones B, 2015) with nine editions until so far, Luis Zueco continues with his epic medieval trilogy with LA CIUDAD a fast paced historic thriller.


Luis Zueco is one of the Spanish authors with more best seller potential of the moment. Great story teller, great creator of intriguing plots and accessible for all publics. Excellent communicator. Pure escape entertaining fiction, with which you can enjoy learning.


For the readers of The girl on the train for its addiction to the plot, The pillars of the earth for its magnificent setting, and The hunger games for the psychological dilemma in which the characters come across.


The novel is set at Albarracín (Teruel, Spain), one of the most beautiful medieval cities of the world. In this city the most terrible murders are about to take place. At the end of the thirteenth century, the old muslim taifa of Albarracín, defended by powerful walls and impenetrable mountains is still free from powerful kings which encircle it and want to own it. Until a series of the most terrible murders shake the different guilds. Unexplained deaths will bring to light the most incredible secrets which are concealed in this city and which can change the course of history of the kingdoms which surround it-

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