Bernardo Pastor-Luján, a renowned professor of Physics that defends the existence of parallel universes, is living a peaceful and solitary life after loosing his wife and daughter at the moment of birth. Nevertheless, he has dreamt with them for the last thirty years, he has seen them grow and age in dreams, day after day, as if they were alive. Recurrent dreams that have helped him overcome despair.

One day the professor is invited to a conference of his colleague John Bradley, who is studying the crop circles in England and whose daughter assures to have been abducted and fertilized by aliens at one of those circles.

But when he meets his colleague´s daughter he recognizes the daughter that he has never met, the one on his dreams. They are the same person. How could this possible be? Is reality and dreams the same thing?

From this moment on, professor Pastor-Luján begins to investigate the possibility that his daughter might not be dead. This is confirmed by his mother-in-law, who admits having given the baby for adoption, freeing her from a family stigma. A curse that affected the women of the family, being abducted and fertilized on many occasions.

With the only proof of this confession and the physical similarities of Julia Bradley with the daughter of his dreams, professor Pastor-Luján travels to Wiltshire, England, where professor John Bradley operates, with the intention of getting a DNA analysis to finally solve this enigma. Once in England, on the main season of the crop circles, things get more complicated, leading to an outcome that no-one can foresee, because everybody is keeping a secret.


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