What the Ice Traps

Shackleton´s Great Expedition to the South Pole. More than a novel, an adventure.

London, August 1914. Ernest Shackleton, after failing his attempt to reach the South Pole twice, tries to get funds in order to fulfill the only quest that he has left to pursue: to cross the Antarctica. Nevertheless, the rumors of war are certain and the expedition seems condemned before its departure.

Not far from his office at the East End, Zara Foley tries to hide. A horrible and unforgivable incident is prosecuting her, and she has all the London police behind her back. Running from misery, hunger and scaffold, she encounters Shackleton…and a chance to escape from the gallows.

What The Ice Traps is an adventure novel that brings the reader from the London of  the beginning of the XX century to the Antarctica, boarding the last great romantic expedition of mankind, in which some of the participants found something more than themselves.


The book hooks you like a Velcro and takes you to a place you would never want to go, but from where you will not be able to leave until you finish the novel”.- Juan Gómez-Jurado, author of  The Traitor´s Emblem.

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