Opus Dei, The Holy Coercion
Ediciones B

As the author says: “writing about the Opus Dei is an exciting adventure”, because since its creation the story is full of rigorous secrecy. Is it a sect? Is it a mafia? The author analyses its methods and shows lots of evidences, most of them testimonies of members who decided to leave the congregation and who are able to explain its rules and hidden rites.
Its founder, Escrivá de Balaguer was a shady character, obsessed with power and money. After the financial difficulties he had during his childhood and his hang ups due to his humble social background, he used all the weapons to create an organization assembling laymen and priests, married, bachelors and widowers dedicated “to search for the Holiness”.

During the Civil war he writes “El Camino” a book that defends the most radical conservatism using a language plenty of martial terminology. Of course, in that days he supports the insurrection of Francisco Franco. When the war ends, Opus settles in the high society and profits from the régime. A story of enrichment and control of everything and everybody began that moment until today.



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